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Fascination MindGraphic®
"Making Your Ideas Visible"
Strategic Illustrations and Innovative Think-Tools

For your meetings or Workshops:
offers fascinating possibilities
in order to visualize abstract thought processes with a creative-descriptive,
most interesting method which enriches your work in a constructive manner.

Herbert Weber, Institut MindGraphic®

As owner of MindGraphic® Herbert Weber is active as a strategic illustrator and graphic designer. MindGraphic® also acts as a seminar facilitator and offers a variety of seminars using "brain-friendly" think-tools for groups and individuals - methods for improving and implementing creativity into daily work processes.

Herbert Weber started his career as an engineer before founding MindGraphic® . One of his core competencies is his Graphic Recording. As a strategic illustrator he captures the essence from the content of your meetings in a unique and memorable visual way.

These "just in time" visualizations can be used for each member of a management conference or any sort of meeting. It is a powerful tool to build on later, in a most creative way to deliver new and successful results

Your Partner in Germany:
Partner für Strategische Personalentwicklung
Kinga Wagner - Eckenheimer Landstr. 467a - D-60435 Frankfurt - Germany


Your Partner in Switzerland:
Institut MindGraphic
Herbert Weber - Graphic Recorder
Schlierenstrasse 45 - CH-8902 Urdorf - Switzerland


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